Xero Product Updates

In their last quarterly update of 2022, Xero added an array of new changes to their platform.  

What’s New: 

  • In ‘XPM,’ 26 new company tax fields have been added to the report builder 
  • In ‘Report Layouts,’ accounts can now be grouped by account codes 
  • ‘Layout Importer’ allows users to transfer their profit and loss summaries from the old version to the new version by copying the structure of tows, groups account order and any other grouping that has been set up 
  • In ‘Account Transaction Reports,’ users can now sort, group and filter by contact groups within reports. There are also two new common formats available in the side panel. ‘Bank Transactions by Date,’ which shows transactions for each bank account, and the account used on the transaction. And ‘Basic Account Transactions,’ which lays out the data in a simpler format with fewer columns. 
  • In the ‘aged receivables summary report,’ there are new columns for ‘Credit Limit and Credit Available,’ which shows users how close a customer is to reaching their credit limit, or how far over their limit they are. 
  • In ‘Charts’, ‘Expenses and Income by Contact’ now have charts and a bar chart option has been added to the ‘Top Suppliers and Customers Report’ 
  • In the ‘Account Summary Report,’ the date range is now customisable, whereas before this was added, users could only view whole months. There has also been a new ‘Variance’ column added, where users can view their projected data against their actuals. 
  • ‘Business Snapshot’ now has a new net profit margin tile 
  • In ‘Analytics Plus,’ GST and PAYG have been added to ‘Short Term Cash Flow Projections’ 
  • Invoice reminders have now been added to ‘New Invoicing’ 
  • Lastly, in ‘Product Services,’ users can now attach and preview a file that they have uploaded from their devices to an inventory item.